Steel and Aluminium Fabrication

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Wollongong Aluminum and Steel Fabrication servicing NSW's and ACT

We have years of experience offering all fabrications of steel and aluminium. The 5t and 3t cranes gives Unifab a leading edge in all scale fabrication both large and small. Talk with our friendly team members and see why so many choose us for their steel fabrication in Canberra.


Steel Fabrication

Work with steel fabricators in your area.

Unifab provides in house steel manufacturing for all forms of work, from signage structures to house beams, lentils and steel structures and buildings.

We offer large over head cranes and a new large crane truck available for delivery. This gives you confidence that all your steel work will be delivered on time and with the highest of quality.

Let us be the steel fabricator you go to when you need quality, custom metal fabrication.


Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium Fabrication and welding is all done in Unifabs new aluminium dedicated work shop area. This helps to run projects smoothly and on time.

Any job large or small, Unifab can help as your go-to steel manufacturers and installation experts. Get in touch to learn why so many call us the best of the best among Wollongong and Canberra steel manufacturers.

Signage, Signs, Sign Company, Unifab Signs, Steel and Aluminium Fabrication
Signage, Signs, Sign Company, Unifab Signs, Steel and Aluminium Fabrication

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